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For Clients

Our Services

We offer a range of strategic services to meet the unique and diverse needs of our clients.

Although not limited to these areas, our services traditionally concentrate in these categories:

Project Timeline

Each project team consists of highly motivated and dedicated Bruins with diverse academic and professional backgrounds.




Determine client needs and our role in forming a solution

Keyboard and Mouse


Establish a comprehensive project framework

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Research & Analysis

Our team of dedicated consultants will spend an aggregate 150+ hours on research, analysis, and strategy development



Deliver consolidated findings and recommendations that not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients

Client Testimonials


TBG delivered real value and impact by helping us assess our campus influencer campaigns. We created a project with a clear problem statement, objectives, deliverables with alignment upfront on our approach, working model, and timeline. I was very impressed with TBG's  professionalism, collaboration with us, and execution of their final deliverables.

- Monji Batmunkh
Co-Founder and CEO of Matter


Working with The Bruin Group to understand market dynamics for our potential therapeutic was a distinct pleasure. They truly went above and beyond, putting in several rounds of effort to generate the best possible prospectus.

- Ben Van Handel
Co-founder & CEO of Carthronix, INC.


TBG definitely exceeded my expectations of a student-led group. They were very professional, concise, and addressed our business challenges.

-Remi Silva
Director of Marketing AllVoices

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